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Sir Francis Bond Head

 In 1837, a rebellion started. The French-Canadians were having problems of the colonies in Upper Canada. Sir Francis Bond Head was a Lieutenant Governor in Upper Canada. He had helped the authorities at Montreal by sending his troops from Upper Canada as reinforcements. The deficiency of troops in Upper Canada York had encouraged the rebels in the area. A group of rebels quickly gathered near Montgomery's tavern. With determination, the rebels marched north. Their destination was to Toronto to capture Bond Head. The leader of the rebels was William Lyon Mackenzie whom had fled to the United States once the rebels had been dispersed of by a party of Militia.

 In December of 1837, men armed with muskets, pitchforks, knives and anything that could kill were carried along into the dark of night. This army did not look very promising but the families were tired of having so many problems.

 In Montgomery's tavern a discussion was being talked about. Mackenzie was trying to convince the rest of the leaders to gather the army and to attack York. Some steadily disagreed but many approved and so, the army was rounded up and they head towards City Hall. Their plan was to capture Lieutenant Governor Bond Head and to seize City Hall while it lay defenceless.

 Abruptly woken from a comfortable slumber, grumpy Sir Francis Bond Head was warned of the danger coming. If Sir Francis Bond Head had not been so unhappy about being woken up he would have taken quick action, but alas, he was upset. Some people were not so easily put off and Allen Napier MacNab responded quickly. He left Toronto by boat and was able to gather a small troop of 60 men from Militia to come back to the Toronto.

 Meanwhile, the Mackenzie were able to capture and kill an important person as to emphasize his point to rebel. This time Sir Bond Head was convinced that they were going to rebel. Fortunately, MacNab arrived before nightfall and Bond Head gave him permission to take decisive action. Before the night ended, the rebels were defeated in less than half and hour. Sir Francis Bond Head then declared MacNab 'The Saviour of York.'